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Control strategies in Multinational Corporations: A mixed-methods exploration of Greenwashing, Accounting Practices, and Stakeholder Dynamics

My research delves into the complex dynamics of multinational corporations (MNCs), focusing on control strategies and corporate governance. I explore how these global entities explore the sinkholes of international corporate law to employ organizational labyrinths, provoking, in some cases, greenwashing practices to project an environmentally responsible façade, often obscuring their genuine impact. 


This research also casts light on the flourishing trend of environmental shareholder activism, examining how it influences corporate policies and potentially drives transformations in asset management. One of the crucial aspects of my study scrutinizes the interplay between professionals within these MNCs and the regulatory frameworks they operate under. 


To ensure a comprehensive understanding, I employ a mixed-methods approach, harmonizing quantitative analysis with qualitative insights, thus painting a holistic picture of control strategies and their multifaceted implications in multinational corporations.


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