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About me

I am a PhD Fellow at the Department of Organization at Copenhagen Business School. I have a BSc in Public Administration from the University of Lisbon and a MSc in International Business and Politics from CBS, specializing in International Political Economy, global wealth chains and sustainable finance.

My recent pursuits shed light on the pressing issues of today's corporate world: green transition projects, sustainable finance, and the ever-evolving organizational transformations of Multinational Corporations, particularly across the landscapes of Europe and the USA.


Beginning as a Strategy and Data Protection Consultant with GET Consulting in Lisbon, I transitioned to a more focused role in Strategic Advisory and Digital Transformation at the General Secretariat for the Ministry of Economy.

My trajectory then led me to Copenhagen, where I undertook multiple roles with the Copenhagen Business School's Department of Organization and delved into projects such as Time Mirror & NICHE.

I have also contributed significantly to the startup ecosystem, serving as a Data Manager, Project Lead, and Head of Operations for Startup Guide World Aps.

Academic Engagements

Research Focus:

I am interested in International Political Economy, Global Finance, and how very large companies operate across borders. One big area I am looking into is how these companies use and move around money in a good way for the environment and society. I am curious about how big companies might pretend to be "green" (this is called "greenwashing") and how this affects our global economy.



I teach a couple of courses at Copenhagen Business School:

  • For students doing their Bachelor's in International Business and Politics: Comparative Political Economy

  • For those doing their Master's in International Business and Politics: Applied International Political Economy


PhD Project - A Deep Dive into Greenwashing and Global Wealth Chains:


My PhD project, titled "Greenwashing in Multinational Corporations", delves into the growing phenomenon of greenwashing in our globalized economic landscape. The aim is to explore and understand the challenges associated with theorizing and quantifying how Multinational Corporations strategize and execute greenwashing activities. By doing so, I hope to shed light on the often-veiled practices that shape corporate sustainability narratives in today's world.

Societal Contributions

I also have been active in my community.


I was a City Councilor in Odivelas, Portugal, and am now the President of SPOT Nordic, founded by a group of Portuguese researchers and professionals in the Nordics. The Association emerged to represent and advocate the interests of a rapidly growing community of highly skilled Portuguese professionals in the Nordic countries.


Aside from many other volunteering roles, I also volunteered in Lisbon with CEDEMA for many years. This organization is dedicated to aiding adults with mental disabilities.

If you would like to know more about me, check out my CV, journal or send me an e-mail.

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