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Comparative Political Economy

Copenhagen Business School | BSc in International Business and Politics | 4th Semester

Comparative Political Economy

Course Description

The Comparative Political Economy (CPE) course introduces students to the comparative approach to understanding modern capitalism and drivers of political, economic, and social differences between societies. The course is structured around key theories and approaches for the comparison of Firms, Economies, and People. This includes theories and approaches that locate the comparative political economy of corporate governance structures, macroeconomic regimes and growth models, as well as welfare regimes and household policies.

Students will learn comparative method and the use of typology, as well as prominent theoretical traditions that offer explanations for why capitalism looks different in different societies. The strengths and weaknesses of these approaches will be explored through a series of cases in advanced capitalist societies structured around the key themes of Firms, Economies, and People. Students will learn how policies for corporate governance, financialization, macroeconomic policy, welfare, and household economies are developed in different societies.

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